Skilloon is a personal trainer for students, guiding them towards the 21st century skills.

Skilloon is research-based platform that involces high quality contect of entrepreneurial learning: assessment tools, concrete activities and a personal portfolio system for students.

Skilloon helps teachers to put entrepreneurial learning in practice!


Skilloon developers

What is happening


NEW STYLE for Skilloon pages is out!


OUR NEW PROJECT FORWARD! launched in July 2019! The aim is to produce courses in the learning environment that support the individual development of the student.


Skilloon course participants now receive certificates for course completion! They help e.g. applying for a job or applying for international studies.

Get to know our projects


The foundation of the Skilloon learning environment was developed in the Digitrainer for high schools! (2015-2018)


Skilloon in swedish

The SLS-funded project made Skilloon content available in Swedish.


Try a work skills course and get a certificate!

The project, funded by the Regional council of Southwest Finland, focused on developing students’ job skills and job search skills.


To work!

This project, funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education, continues to develop the Work Skills project regionally.


The Skilltech project, funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education, brings new technology that inspires students to the learning environment and new solutions in learning.


The aim of the project is to try to implement the Youth Guarantee (the project is especially aimed at young people) and support for the students by concrete means in high schools and universities in the region of Southwest Finland. The financier is the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Turku University of Applied Sciences is also involved in the project.

Contact information

Mirva Jalo
Projektikoordinaattori, Mynämäki
+358 40 8677265

Pekka Leino
Rehtori, Mynämäki
+358 50 4680945 (Finland)